Welcome! You are about to discover a whole lot about one of life’s most basic necessities – Food!

I’m excited to share my knowledge, passion and experience in the realm of food and nutrition. I think the science of nutrition is fascinating, and when coupled with the art of cookery a truly remarkable combination with a diverse range of topics for expression and exploration.

Food is meant to nourish and empower. Empowerment is a state that each one of us can experience. It’s about taking back your power and living the life you were meant to, which gives you the greatest happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. It will feel different for everyone but there is a common principle – having the power and sense of control to guide your destiny in the world and the conscious choices you’re making to shape your reality.

Empowering Eats is created with the intention to inspire healthier relationships with food and diet by showing the power and purpose that food plays as part of the greater picture of life. To help you totally re-energize and re-ignite your enthusiasm for food.

While you are here, expect to discover and explore new ideas about food. It’s important to examine one’s ideas and conceptions about food. Learning about yourself and your food thoughts creates deeper understanding and stronger confidence going forward in the decisions you make and actions you take and this is also the starting place for making sustainable changes and improvements.

A healthy, balanced, nourishing diet is vital to helping you achieve your greatness and do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do.

This blog is for everyone. Whether you have no idea what the first thing is when you step into a kitchen or whether you have decades of experience and credentials, food is our common denominator. We can always learn something new and learn from each other and that is empowerment, pure and simple.

Be open, explore, enjoy your journey and prepare to take a whole new look at the food you eat and the life you live.

About Emily

Hi! I’m Emily. I’m passionate about fitness, health and nutrition. I love to teach, learn  and share my experience in all of these areas. I want to make a difference by helping others uncover a deeper and more meaningful relationship to food and fitness.  I believe empowering one is the first step to empowering all.

Emily Dobrich